Iowa Is Quietly Becoming a Music Capital In The Midwest

When you think about big cities for music, you probably think about New York, LA, Atlanta, Nashville... in the Midwest you most definitely think about Chicago and Detroit.

But no one really considers Iowa, and frankly Iowans are changing that. Its no longer just Slipknot that people will equate with the Hawkeye State.

I used to run a radio station in Iowa called Hot 95.7 and got involved in an event called Iowa Summer Jam.

It was (and still is) produced by a local artist and artist manager Tone Da Boss, and since I left Iowa, its been growing every year.

I wanted to shine a light on the growing music scene in Iowa and talked to a friend of mine named Silence, an Iowa recording artist who helped put together this years show!

Get all the info on Iowa Summer Jam at

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