[WATCH] Security Guard Stops Mass Shooting at Methadone Clinic

You can see this security guard's Fight Or Flight response happen in real-time in this crazy video.

This happened in Buffalo, New York Friday November 11th at a methadone clinic. A man burst through the door firing with an AR15 and fired one shot at the wall.

The security guard tries unsuccessfully to get through a locked door, then realizes he can't clear the desk so he takes matters into his own hands and knows he has to stop this shooter before he ends up dead. He wrestles the man to the ground outside and holds his down until the police show up.

Read more on the story from WKBW HERE.

From WKBW: "Buffalo police announced two men are in custody in connection to a shooting on Pennsylvania Street and a shots fired call on Virginia Street on Thursday.

Police said around 8:45 a.m. a female was shot in the leg while inside a home on the 100 block of Pennsylvania Street. She was transported to ECMC to be treated for injuries described by police as non-life-threatening.

According to police, the suspect then entered a methadone clinic on the 200 block of Virginia Street and fired a shot at a wall in the lobby area. A security guard at the clinic engaged the suspect and a struggled ensued that involved two security guards and the suspect. Police said during the struggle the suspect's gun discharged and additional shots were fired. No one was shot inside the clinic.

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