The Top 17 Bars in Detroit

First of all, I don't understand why this list is 17 items long, you would think 15 or 20 would make sense but I digress. put together this list and a couple of my favorite spots are on here.

#6. Bookies Bar & Grille

If you don't have tickets, this is one of the better spots to watch a game downtown in my opinion. Plenty of TV screens, and a rooftop bar for when the weather doesn't suck.

#4. Bad Luck Bar

Hidden behind a non-descript door on Griswold St. I only recently discovered this place when I was taken there, and probably wouldn't be here often if someone else wasn't paying haha. Drinks are pricey starting around $25 but they are a true speakeasy style bar that you need a reservation for with delicious and experimental cocktails.

#1. The Sugar House

OK so I haven't actually been here but I figured I should include #1. Located on Michigan Ave in Corktown, describes this one as "A well-known Detroit bar serving cocktails, wine, beer, and small plates is perfect for sharing with your friends on a night out."

The Full List of Top 17 Bars in Detroit. Read about all of them at

  1. The Sugar House
  2. Candy Bar
  3. Lost River
  4. Bad Luck Bar
  5. Batch Brewing Company
  6. Bookie’s Bar & Grille
  7. Cadieux Cafe
  8. Castalia at Sfumato
  9. MotorCity Wine
  10. Nemo’s Bar
  11. The Ghostbar at the Whitney
  12. The Monarch Club
  13. The Old Miami
  14. The Royce Detroit
  15. The Skip
  16. The Lexington Bar
  17. Kieslin

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