Girl Protects Her Siblings Head for 17 Hours Trapped in Earthquake Rubble

A 7.8 Magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria on February 7th, tragically killing thousands.

In the below video, a young girl can was found protecting her younger siblings head 17 hours after the earthquake struck.
A redditor translated the conversation:

“Man: Alaa, Alaa.. not a word for me , I am better than you. Do know how to play games?

Girl: No

Man: Then what?

Girl: Get me out

Man: Get you out?

Girl: Get me out of here and I’ll do anything you want, I’ll even become your servant. (A figure of speech, does not translate literally, they're just saying they really need help and would be grateful.)

Man: No Don’t say that… (video cuts off)"

Live updates on this story from ABC.

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