The Strangest House In Michigan Actually Belongs In Hawaii

Photo: Getty Images

What would you consider to be an element of "strange" design within the topic of architecture? Though "strange" is an opinion, there are some houses designed with a flair so unusual that one cannot help but to stare in surprise. These properties possess a unique quality that is often unseen elsewhere. Wether it be a twisted, spiraling staircase, a peculiar color palette, or an odd shaped exterior, something about this space allows it to stand out as one of the strangest homes in the entire country.

According to Readers Digest, the strangest house in all of Michigan is the Honolulu House located in Marshall. The house was built to resemble a property that exists in Hawaii!

Here is what Readers Digest had to say about the Honolulu House:

"In Michigan, a trip to Hawaii isn’t as far as it seems. The Honolulu House in Marshall, Michigan is reminiscent of Hawaii because of its architectural style, which is a mix of Italianate, Gothic Revival and Polynesian design. Abner Pratt, a U.S. Consul to Hawaii built the home in 1860, which resembles the ‘Iolani Palace. The house has a nine-bay porch and guest can tour it on the weekends for free. It has undergone restoration efforts to maintain its look. You’ll be also be amazed to see these beautiful sunsets in each state."

For a continued list of the strangest houses across the country, and a photo of the Honolulu House, visit

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