Ed Sheeran Gets Drunk During Bar Crawl To Celebrate New Album

Photo: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran has released his second album of the year! On Friday, September 29th, the singer-songwriter released a special album called Autumn Variations just a handful of months after releasing Subtract, the final installment of his mathematics era. To celebrate the release, Sheeran went on a pub crawl and bought everyone in the random bars drinks for six hours.

In the video shared to his Instagram, Sheeran revealed that the crowds at the first couple of bars weren't really into it. He then hopped on the Subway to get to the net place where he played a lively game of beer pong. At the last bar, Sheeran lined up shots on the bar and passed them out to the crowd, which got them to passionately chant his first name.

"We're done for the night," Sheeran told the camera at the end of the video. "I'm very drunk right now!" In a later post, Sheeran talked about the 14-track album and explained why its different from his previous projects.

"This is an album purely for you, the fans. There’s no singles, no videos, it’s on my own label, so no pressure for anything," he wrote. "I just want you guys to have a soundtrack for autumn/fall that feels like a warm hug. I hope you love it. Lemme know what your fav songs are and il see some of you this week at random pop ups we are doing. Love you all x"

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