The Spice Girls Reunited And I Died A Little

My very first concert ever was at The Palace when I was eight years old. I vividly remember the platform shoes and mini pigtails seen on so many little girls in the audience. I was a HUGE Spice Girls fan, so much so that I would pretend in front of my mirror in my bedroom that I was a backup dancer on their tour as I belted their songs into my hair brush. As a child of the 90s, the Spice Girls were my (spice) world growing up, so it is safe to say I was pretty excited every time they reunited. The last time they were all together performing, during the London Olympics, I got those same goosebumps as they rode out in their personality-inspired taxis singing "Wannabe" as I did as a bewildered eight-year-old watching them perform (from the very last row, through binoculars).


So it is safe to say I DIED a little bit this week when I saw that the girls have reunited YET AGAIN. And this time things are serious. Rumors have been swirling for a while now that a reunion was in the works, but has been repeatedly shot down. This time things were a little different because ALL FIVE girls were together and the man who helped launch their careers, Simon Fuller, was also in the mix. Currently there are no plans for a reunion tour or new music, but their are talks of creating a "Girl Power"-inspired record label. Honestly, just the fact that they are all in the same room together makes me want to scream “Hi Ci Ya!" but at this point, we're going to have to "hold tight" on seeing what they have in store for the future.



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