We Are Officially Living In The Future. FLYING CARS Are Real!

This is CRAZY. I don't know if I trust this yet, but I have a feeling that in about 50 years from now, this will be the norm. For the price of $620,000, you could own your very own flying car. Dutch company PAL-V is taking preorders on their flying car that will be delivered to customers in 2019, after the car has passed all of its safety tests. The car will fit two passengers and definitely looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie.


PAL-V only plans on releasing 90 vehicles during its first run, so if you want one, you may need to jump on it quickly! Imagine being stuck in traffic, and deciding, "nah, let's do this in the air" and just being able to pick up and leave!! That is how I imagine this whole thing working out. I am all for less traffic on the roads, but would you need a separate license to drive these things!? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!



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