Week 7 of volunteering at Detroit Dog Rescue is now in the books, and will go down as the best week, yet.  We finally met our muse, Gremlin Bill.

Before we started volunterring at DDR, M'Lady and I saw GB's picture on their website and melted.  That face! We have long loved english bulldogs, they remind us a lot of ourselves: goofy, lazy, and cuddly.

Gremlin Bill is a bulldog mix and he is the sweetest thing ever.  He licks, he grunts like a little piggy, we could not get enough of him.  I even signed up for more hours of work so I can save up to move out of my parents and get this little guy.  We need him in our lives, he's the dog we've always wanted.  Take a look at the pictures below to see for yourselves, and make sure to check out Detroit Dog Rescue's website!