Well, the hype can be put to rest.  Floyd Mayweather defeated UFC star Conor McGregor in 10 rounds on Saturday night.  It doesn't come as a surprise to many, because Floyd is the best boxer in the world and Conor is not a boxer.  If they stepped inside the Octagon, Conor would likely end Floyd's life, but they didn't.  It would be like expecting Tom Brady to beat LeBron in a game of Horse.  Who's your money on?

Conor did put up an impressive fight.  Making it 10 rounds is a feat all on its own so he deserves a lot of respect for what he accomplished and for accepting the fight in the first place...not to mention the above average payday.  The ref may have raised Floyd's hand after the match but he wasn't the true winner of the fight.  The real winner on Saturday...was Demi Lovato.  Holy smokes.  She looked amazing in that white outfit singing the National Anthem.  I'll say it again...Holy Smokes.