British Man Facing Jail Time In Dubai For What??

I've been known to get a little weird when I drink.  But, hey, who doesn't?  Sometimes I get really goofy, sometimes I get sad, mad, or bounce between the two.  Sometimes, often times actually, I get really touchy feely.  Not even with women, with the dudes.  I find it funny that it bothers them so much (male egos *eye roll*).  Knowing how I get, I understand that I should never go to Dubai.

Dubai is a place with very strict rules, and no drinking.  As someone who drinks a lot and gets touchy when I drink this is an awful combination, and it didn't go well for a Scotish tourist, Jamie Harron.  Jamie was arrested and now faces three years in jail in Dubai over and incident that...well, suffice to say I've done a lot worse.  Jamie reportedly touched a man's hip while trying to stop his drink from spilling.  A simple innocent brush of the hip, and now he's facing jail time and has been fired from his job.  Crazy!  Think about all the crazy stuff you've done in bars...this doesn't even compare!  

Read the whole story below, I can't imagine being in his position!

Intern Jack Black

Intern Jack Black

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