Pros and Cons: Losing Your Phone

There's no doubt about it, I'm an idiot.  It's been proven again and again.  This week, I lost my phone.  I didn't break it, or misplace it, I straight up lost it.  I was walking dogs at Detroit Dog Rescue, and then it vanished.  Can't find it any where. "Hey, JB why don't you use Find My iPhone?" because, as previously stated, I'm an idiot and turned off my location services in an effort to save battery. Not worth it.  So, being without phone for an entire weekend, I learned a lot.  Here's a list of the pros and cons of losing your phone:


-Nobody can get a hold of you (this will also be a con, it works both ways depending on how you look at it

-No data charges! Finally, a break on all the data overages, maybe this month I won't have a ridiculously high bill (but probably still will)

-Free to engage with people in person

-No texts in the middle of the night to wake me up

-Work can't ask me to come in

-Mojo gives me his iPhone 7, an upgrade!


-Nobody can get a hold of you

-Can't talk to M'Lady

-Never know what time it is

-Can't set alarms

-No mobile boobs

-No news

-No social media

Intern Jack Black

Intern Jack Black

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