The Return Of The Office?

My heart skipped a beat when I heard they may be bringing The Office back.  However, was this out of joy or fear? On one hand, this is amazing! The Office is one of my favorite shows of all time. It kills me.  Every time I finish it on Netflix, I start right over again, I can't help it.  On the other hand, they confirmed Steve Carrell would not be a part of it.  Don't know how I feel about that. Admitedly, I didn't hate Season 9 as much as the rest of the world.  I thought there were still tons of laughs, and it elevated the side characters and made them more funny: Andy, Kevin, Creed, Meredith all started to really shine.  Who doesn't love Creed?!

I saw several Twitter surveys asking things like "Would You Watch The Office Remake Without Michael Scott?" and most people said no.  I think that's not only ridiculous...but a lie. You're going to watch it! It may be better...of course it would be better...with Michael Scott but they can still spin gold out of the cast and characters they have.  I hope this happens, and as a fan you can count on me to enjoy it and support it no matter who may be in it.  I'm sure fans of the UK version were offended that Brent wasn't the manager in the remake, but I assume they weren't let down, so hopefully we won't be either...if this even happens...

Intern Jack Black

Intern Jack Black

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