The Problem With Surprise Gifts

Surprises can be nice.  You don't see them coming, and you can see you're cared for unexpectedly.  That's nice.  However, surprises can backfire.  That seems to happen more often than the former.

It's not always a disaster when a surprise gets ruined.  I mean, ruining a surprise birthday party is really weak and not cool, but the kind of surprise I'm talking about is more in jest.  Surprising someone with a gift can easily go wrong: they could already have that gift, someone else could be getting that gift, they could not want the gift at all, or totally hate it and start hating you in return for your poor taste in gifts.  That rarely happens...but it has, I'm sure.

Anyways, for the second Christmas in a row, M'Lady and I got each other the same Brett Dennen vinyl.  Not only the same vinyl each year, but the same artist both years! Crazy.  We love him.  This is an example where the surprise went wrong...but was actually better because of it.  Have you and your significant other ever gotten each other the same gift? Tweet me @Channel955 or @InternJackBlack

Intern Jack Black

Intern Jack Black

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