How A 7 Year Old Make $22 Million in 2018

Ryan of Ryan Toysreview really isn’t that different from any other first grader. The 7-year-old loves trains and cars; he giggles over Disney characters; he builds entire civilizations with Legos.

Except when he plays, he does so in front of a camera. An adult, presumably, then promptly uploads these videos onto his YouTube channel for his millions of followers—most of whom are elementary-school-age peers.

These short, simple videos have made Ryan one of the most popular influencers online, with 17.3 million followers and a total of nearly 26 billion views since he (and his parents) launched his main channel, Ryan ToysReview, in March 2015. For Ryan, this means not only an endless stream of toys to play with but also a seemingly endless stream of money: He was this year’s highest-paid YouTube star, earning $22 million in the 12 months leading up to June 1, 2018, Forbes estimates.

Okay I'm super jealous of this kid. $22 million per year because he goes around plays with toys because he thinks he is "entertaining and funny". Wow. What a life this kid lives. I'm not jealous that he makes 220 million times more than I make. I'm jealous that this kid has so much swagger and confidence. I mean he could probably sink a battleship with his bare hands... AT SEVEN YEARS OLD. 

I wish I was 7 again just so I could mess around with my Masters of the Universe play set. It gets my wondering how many pageviews I could get just dinking around with He-Man. 

Also, I want to know what his parents are doing with this money. Are they putting it into a fund for college? Are they going to spend it all and be horrible parents? Only time will tell where the saga for Ryan's ToysReview... Ryan keep reviewing those toys and never change! You're a savage! 

Jed Whitaker

Jed Whitaker

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