YouTube Star Pleads Guilty In Federal Court

(CNN) — With his swooping blonde hair, bright blue eyes and versatile voice, Austin Jones piled up millions of views with his a capella covers of songs by Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy and others.

Followers -- mainly teenage girls -- adored his slickly produced videos, and as the likes and subscribers poured in, he began to perform on tour across the country.

Wow. Honestly this is super disappointing whenever news like this comes out. I enjoyed this guy's videos and was once a subscriber. It really stinks but at the same point in time what a freaking scumbag. I'm glad that justice is being served and hope he gets what is coming for him. Using your talent to solicit young kids nude pictures? What a sick man. I hope YouTube takes everything off of his page and doesn't allow him to monetize anything from his videos. The fact that he made a super long video trying to explain himself if crazy. We will find out what his fate will be once May rolls around but I'm hoping nothing good comes out of it for him.

Jed Whitaker

Jed Whitaker

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