The Fire Challenge Is Really Stupid

DETROIT – A Michigan boy is recovering from second-degree burns after beinglit on fire by friends for an internet challenge.

Tabitha Cleary of Dearborn Heights toldWDIV-TVthat her 12-year-old son spent four days in the hospital after a friend sprayed him with nail polish remover and set him ablaze as part of a "fire challenge" Saturday.

The boy sustained chin, chest and stomach burns, and is now at home after being released from the hospital, the station reports. Dearborn Heights police are investigating the incident.

Why on God's green earth would you want to light yourself on fire? I just don't get it. I know as a kid it can be fun playing with fire but to be so irresponsible. I remember being in 2nd grade and them giving us a whole course on what to do when a fire happens and to stay away from fire at all times. I wonder what they are teaching kids in school now-a-days because there seems like there are no fire courses with these "Fire Challenge" accidents.

Jed Whitaker

Jed Whitaker

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