No Recreational Pot For Detroit, As Of Now

Recreational marijuana dispensaries will begin opening on Dec. 1, but 79 percent of the state's communities have banned the businesses from opening.

Last week, the city of Detroit became the latest municipality to pass an ordinance barring growers and dispensaries from operating.

Nearly 1,400 of the state’s 1,773 cities, townships, and villages have chosen toprevent recreational marijuana businessesfrom opening, even though voters in most municipalities supported legalization of pot for anyone 21 years or older in November 2018.


While I'm sort of shocked that they won't be able to sell recreationally, I don't think the ban is going to hurt anything for the long run. Detroit has just decided to put a temporary ban on recreational sale January 1st until government officials can get a better grasp on who is growing, buying, and facilitating cannabis. Will this hurt the economy of the city because so many people expected tax revenue to come in from this service? Yes. But, as long as the politicians can come together, revisit it, and come to a conclusion there should be no issues.

If I had to guess (this is just my two cents) I think that this operation will be up and running before February 2020. There are so many medical stores in the city now that have the proper facilities and practices that there shouldn't much worry about purity/cleanliness of the cannabis. So, hopefully the legal weed comes sooner rather than later.

Jed Whitaker

Jed Whitaker

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