My Ex Wants Another Baby

Mike has been with his girl for 8 years and recently split because they "lost that loving feeling." Mike has been doing counseling yada yada .... it's hard to split because of their history and daughter. Mike believes they love each other. The harder part is her family HATES Mike to the point where they purposely play other radio stations when he's around. It has gotten so bad that he doesn't go to gatherings. Lately it's been better between them two and they are taking things slow and seeing where it goes. While they were talking she said, "If we don't end up together can we just have another kid. We do have an adorable daughter and both of us grew up with only half brothers and sisters. We don't have any full blood brothers or sisters." She was dead serious about having another baby with Mike if they aren't together. Mike is actually considering it. Do people do this? Would this be bad for their children?

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