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Teen With Cerebral Palsy Denied Prom Tickets

She has her dress, date and an extensive hair and makeup plan. It’s all in anticipation of her high school prom, but a teen was denied tickets.

Ashley Hamblin’s family says it's because of circumstances she can't control.

Ashley is a senior at Cheatham County Central High School in Tennessee. Due to challenges with cerebral palsy, she takes part in the homebound program.

Ashley is used to seeing her friends at school sporting events and was looking forward to seeing them all at prom in a few of weeks.

“I went to go buy the tickets and they told me it was illegal,” Ashley said.

Cheatham County Schools say it’s part of their homebound policy.

A school statement read:

The Cheatham County School District’s top priority is to ensure all students are exposed to a challenging and safe educational experience.

Students who participate in the School District’s Homebound Program are provided with the policies and guidelines at the beginning of the enrollment process, outlining the expectations of the program.

For example, one of the guidelines states, ‘The doctor recommends homebound services for a student who is unable to attend school due to serious illness or injury. Therefore, the student placed on homebound should not return to his/her school, or any other Cheatham County School for any reason, including extracurricular activities (i.e. ballgames/sporting events, proms, banquets, dances, etc.). No homebound student can visit any Cheatham County School to socialize with their friends. Attendance at such activities without prior consent may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program.’

There are steps in place for exceptions to the policy for attending extracurricular activities such as a prom.

The School District is currently reviewing the process and will continue to work with families to ensure proper procedures are followed.

“I am sorry you deem me too sick to come to prom,” Ashley said.


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