Hailey Sorry for Helping Hubby Justin Mock T Swift's Post-Surgery Video

So, last week onThe Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon aired an embarrassing video of Taylor Swift eating a banana in bed and mumbling while still feeling the affects of the drugs she'd been given to undergo Lasik eye surgery.

Over this past weekend, Justin's wife Hailey Bieber filmed her hubby mocking this video where he got IMMEDIATE feedback from Taylor's fans. I mean, if it's one things everyone knows about her fans (Swifties), it's how protective they are of her so I'm just wondering where the intelligence in that move was.

On Monday, she apologized to the Swifties, tweeting, "Truly, I’m so sorry you’re THIS upset?! I hope I’m never this upset about someone I don’t know!! I think it’s awesome how passionate you are and how hard you ride for someone you’re a fan of, it’s beautiful how dedicated you are. If there’s something I did to personally hurt or offend you, I’m sorry, it’s not my intention to upset you by any means.”

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