Marriage Update: The Pauls

The most exciting part of my day today was stumbling upon a video posted by Tana Paul, formerly Tana Monjeau, titled "a relationship/marriage update". I'm gonna be honest, I completely forgot about Jana after their spectacle of a Las Vegas wedding back in July. I kind of assumed they got divorced or were never really married in the first place, but apparently not. Since I love to jump on every opportunity to get up to date on celeb drama, I was READY to press play.

The video starts with Tana talking about how uncomfortable she is about the whole situation, and then goes on to feature Tana and Jake sitting on a bed inside of a weird plastic bubble talking about what their life has been like lately. Shocker, marriage is harder than they both thought it would be. I will say that I give them major props for lasting 2 months so far and actually trying to make things work. Fingers crossed they make it longer than Kim K and Kris Humphries.

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