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Mojo's Overweight 8 - WINNER

Congrats to Mike, who lost 37.8 lbs in 40 days on Dr. Stanley’s Nutrimost Ideal You Weight Loss program, and just won $5,000

These listeners all have one thing in common: faced difficulties losing weight and wanted the help from us. This is Mojo's Overweight 8 and we started with 8 finalists that were competing to win $5,000 by participating in the Ideal You Weight Loss program powered by Nutrimost, which Mojo did!

Meet our contests:

Mike (29)

Start weight on 3/9 = 244.2 lbs

Start BMI on 3/9 = 38.2


Weight on 3/16 = 229.6 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 36


Weight on 3/23 = 222.8 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 34.9


Weight on 3/30 = 219.4 lbs

BMI on 3/30 = 34.4

I am doing alright! Not being allowed to eat all the things I’m used to has been the most difficult thing so far for me...(which I won’t say on the radio, trying to promote the brand not scare people from it). I am finding it easier to get on the scale every day because I am actually EXCITED to see my weight drop! I am already down 11lbs! Hopefully, I can keep this progress going and win the challenge!

Donna (23)

Start weight on 3/9 = 296.6 lbs

Start BMI on 3/9 = 46.5


Weight on 3/16 = 283.8 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 44.5


Weight on 3/23 = 278.4 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 43.6


Weight on 3/30 = 270.0 lbs

BMI on 3/30 = 42.3

I’m doing very well, if I do say so. The thing I’m finding most difficult is thinking of things to cook that I’m allowed to have. Lol. I really didn’t know how much I didn’t know about food until I started having to actually prepare and cook things myself versus just going out or heating up something frozen. But it’s okay because that’s exactly what I wanted to learn through this experience, so that even after the 40 days is over, I can continue to live this kind of healthier lifestyle.  

Something that’s easier than anticipated is the actual system itself. It’s a lot of “remember to do this” and “do this at this time” and I thought I might have difficulties staying on track but it’s really simple, and easy to follow, and after a few days it becomes habit and then muscle memory and before long I won’t even think about it too hard before I just do it. It’s a really rewarding experience, especially when I can see the weight coming off, and I feel great on top of it. 

The following 6 were eliminated, but we will still have them continue on the NutriMost diet if they choose: 

Krisna (26)

Start weight on 3/9 = 212.2 lbs

Start BMI on 3/9 = 41.4


Weight on 3/16 = 200 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 39.1


Weight on 3/23 = 197.0 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 38.5


Weight on 3/30 = 195.8 lbs

BMI on 3/30 = 38.2

I’m doing really well so far! The fact that I’m seeing results EVERY DAY definitely keeps the motivation flowing. The most difficult part has been spending the weekend out with my family. They were all VERY supportive but just being around the food I removed from my house took some extra will power to avoid. 

I am not really having cravings for bad stuff... I totally thought I would be dying for a Diet Coke and some cheese but surprisingly I’m not at all. Also, the foods I’m eating are real foods that I actually like to eat, just never thought to buy when grocery shopping. 

Joshua (31)

Start weight on 3/9 = 242.2 lbs

Start BMI on 3/9 = 32.9


Weight on 3/16 = 229.2 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 31.1


Weight on 3/23 = 222.2 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 30.1


Weight on 3/30 = 215.8 lbs

BMI on 3/30 = 29.3

How are you doing so far? I'm doing great feeling great and there's no stopping me! I'm talking about just this contest I mean a lifestyle change. The first weekend I wanted to hang out with some friends and I didn't have food available. I like sticking to a routine so I cant sleep in because I first snack is at 9a.

The food that I'm not supposed to eat like fast food or ice cream or even pop, I do not have a craving or when I look at it and smell it, it does nothing for me 

Netty (26)

Start weight on 3/9 = 247.8 lbs

Start BMI on 3/9 = 42.5


Weight on 3/16 = 247.8 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 42.5


Weight on 3/23 = 232.2 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 39.9

I’ve been good, the first couple of days were rough but I pulled through. I think the change may have shocked my system. It’s difficult when I smell/see everyone else’s food, and I just instantly crave it. (We always want what we can’t have I guess.) 

Going out to eat has also been a challenge, not too many options for what I am allowed to have. I am not a cook so I thought that the whole cooking and eating my own meals was going to be hard, but I’ve actually found it to be simple and I’m saving a ton of money by not buying fast food every day.

Carmen (36)

Start weight on 3/9 = 244.2 lbs 

Start BMI on 3/9 = 41.9


Weight on 3/16 = 234.8 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 40.3


Weight on 3/23 = 230.6 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 39.6

I am doing great so far! Really nothing is difficult but meal prep is key with me being a busy mom. I am finding it extremely easy to only eat 500 calories a day and I thought I would be craving sugar and I’m not. So far I have lost 9lbs!!!!

Melissa (30)

Start weight on 3/9 = 222.2 lbs

Start BMI on 3/9 = 39.3


Weight on 3/16 = 216.2 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 38.3


Weight on 3/23 = 209.0 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 37

I am a single mom, a full time nursing student and I work the night shift as a tech in the PEDS unit. The night shift has changed my sleeping and eating habits and I need help getting back on track.

Jovin (39)

Start weight on 3/9 = 223.2 lbs

Start BMI on 3/9 = 38.3


Weight on 3/16 = 214.2 lbs

BMI on 3/16 = 36.8


Weight on 3/23 = 211.0 lbs

BMI on 3/23 = 36.2

I am doing well... adjusting to the whole diet thing. The difficult part is planning or picking what to eat for every meal, adjusting around my busy schedule. I work part time at Best Buy some days... and timing everything accordingly is pretty hard... but giving it my all. Drinking water all the time is easier than I thought. I have been accustomed to drinking mostly water for a good couple months before starting the program...

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