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Mojo's Promposal Takeover

All week, Mojo in the Morning is going to help listeners ask their dates to prom live on the radio. Are you thinking about asking someone to Prom, but do not know how to ask them? That is where we come in to play. 

Mojo Promposal - The Princesses Help William Ask Jessica

William brought some special guests with him to interrupt Jessica's class. Every princess needs a prince, so... prom?

Special thanks to the princesses that helped make this happen!

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Camila Cabello Helps Mojo With Lexie's Promposal

Lexie and Jimmy have been going out for a year and a half. She told us that Camila Cabello's song "Bad Things" has a lot of meaning to them in their relationship. It was a song they both loved when they first started dating. Mojo got them to meet Camila Cabello and Lexie ask Jimmy to prom with her help.

Kris Saves Ally’s Life And Gets Asked To Prom

Ally's boyfriend Kris works at a fire department and was in for a surprise with this promposal. We dressed Ally up in all the firefighter gear and put a mask on her so he wouldn't recognize her. We had him pull her out in training and she asked the big question.

Marshmello helps Taylor Ask Jared To Prom

Taylor reached out to Mojo in the Morning to ask her boyfriend Jared to Prom. We made a quick call to Marshmello to have him be a part of it and he held up a sign, since he never talks. Mojo, Spike and Shannon took over the big screen at Emagine Theatres and asked Taylor to stand up in the audience and asked her boyfriend with the help of Marshmello. 

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