Lorde Opens Up About How She Combats Stage Fright, 'It's A Real Problem'

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While Lorde has been an international superstar since her teens, she 24-year-old singer has revealed that she continues to battle stage fright. As she sat down for Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians series, Lorde had a chat with David Byrne in which she explained how she's spent a large part of her career trying to work through her stage fright.The 69-year-old artist asked her how she'd been coping with her stage fright.

"I don't have a good answer for that," Lorde responded. "It's a real problem that I'm trying to get on top of. I try to write something down. I take little notes to the stage for myself, so I would go over and be able to read something that me from the past is trying to tell me from the future. But it's a real struggle."

Byrne opened up about his own struggles with stage fright, reassuring Lorde that

"I always felt socially uncomfortable," Byrne told Lorde. "I would throw myself on a stage and do a speech of some sort, or I would perform something crazy and then retreat back into myself."

Both Lorde and Byrne shared what they do to relax prior to hitting the stage, with Byrne telling Lorde he tries to keep busy by making ginger tea, while Lorde says she puts together puzzles. "I'm often applying a piece right when it's time to go, which maybe doesn't help the stage fright," she said. "That's too much of a change of mood. I'm still looking for the puzzle at the first song."

Lorde spent a few years away from the spotlight before returning this year with the release of her third studio album, Solar Power. She also followed up with an EP, Te Ao Mārama, which saw Lorde reinventing Solar Power in Māori. The New Zealand pop singer also sat down with Variety late last month as part of their "Power of Women" series, where she emphasized that she finds it important to be involved in all aspects of her art.

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