The Best Drinking Game Involving a Tree Stump, Ever

The Stump game has some very basic rules that make it easy for anyone (who is at least 21 years old) to enjoy. Watch the video below for a full breakdown!

1. All you need is a tree stump, some nails, and beer.

2. Players stand in a circle around the stump.

3. Each person gets one nail that they hammer in to the stump just enough so it doesn't move..

4. Each player get a turn with the hammer.

5. When you get the hammer, you flip it, (try to) catch it, and immediately attempt to hammer down on any other nail but your own.

6. If a player flips the hammer two full revolutions and catches it, they are awarded with two hits at a nail.

7. If your nail ends up completely hammered in, you’re out. Each time you slam the hammer and miss a nail you drink.

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