Linkin Park's first album, when they were called "Xero"

Linkin Park fans may remember that the band wasn't always called Linkin Park. In fact, they were called Xero before Chester Joined the band, and then changed their name to Hybrid Theory upon his arrival. They were forced to change their name yet again before their first commercial album came out due to another band having a similar name. After considering the names Plear and Platinum Lotus Foundation, among others, they landed on the name we known them as today, Linkin Park.

The first four songs on this video are the only four songs the band released under the name Xero. You may recognize "Rhinestones" as an early version of "Forgotten." "Stick'n'Move" became "Runaway."

01 - Rhinestone 0:03  02 - Reading My Eyes 3:41  03 - Fuse 6:39  04 - Stick N´ Move 9:59  

The rest of the tracks on the video are all demos for the Hybrid Theory album. "The Team" is actually an early version of "Carousel" and Explode became "Part of Me." Neither made the final album but many Linkin Park fans may recognize those earlier songs. 

05 - Stick and Move 12:38  06 - Coal 13:33  07 - Slip 17:11  08 - Blue 20:39  09 - So Far Away 24:06  10 - Esaul 26:57  11 - The Team 30:09  12 - The Untitled 33:08  13 - Explode 36:59  

Below the full album is another Xero track called "Fiends" from an album called "Rapology 14"

Finally, the third video is another demo for a track called "Dedicated" from 1999.

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