Five Things You Should Care About... This Week! 9-29-17

Here the rundown for this week's edition of "Five Things You Should Care About... This Week!" with reporter Christiana Lilly! Follow her on Twitter at @ChristianaLilly. Listen to the podcast below!

5. Health bill failed
- Republicans have been trying to get rid of Obamacare, and the Senate's new draft didn't make it to a vote
- Why? They need 51 votes. All the Democrats were against it, and at least three Republicans said they wouldn't vote for it.
- They're going to keep trying and say they'll keep reworking the bill and bring it back later.

4. Rep. Steve Scalise returns after being shot
- The Louisiana representative returned to the House of Representatives after he was shot in June.
- Recap: A friendly baseball game between Democrats and Republicans to raise money for charity, a man came out asking who were the GOP and started shooting.
- Shot in the hip, as at risk of dying but he pulled through.

3. Hugh Hefner dies at 91
- The founder of Playboy magazine, he revolutionized journalism, civil rights, and sexual liberation
- Died of natural causes, mourned by bunnies and fans of his work alike.

2. Jones Act lifted -- great news for Puerto Rico!
- Donald Trump put a 10-day lift on the Jones Act, which restricts foreign ships from moving between foreign ports. This is to protect American businesses.
- This helps out Puerto Rico A LOT, they're trying to recover from Hurricane Maria, and this means more goods can come to power to help them out.
- Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 Donation to Disaster Relief

1. Fall TV is back!
- A whole slough of shows came back this week, including Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Law and Order, The Voice, NCIS, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy...
- A new/old series "Will & Grace" aired Thursday

Five Things You Should Care About... This Week! 9-22-17

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