311's P-Nut Talks About Leather Pants and Iron Maiden

I recently had a chance to speak with Aaron "P-Nut" Wills, bass player for 311, one of the most successful rock bands in recent history with 10 consecutive Top 10 albums in a row. P-Nut is one of the nicest guys and gives a hell of an interview! Check out all 5 parts as they aired on HOT 95.7

PART 1: I start by asking P-Nut what it is that makes 311 fans some of the most passionate fans in music and what to expect when you go to a 311 show.

P-Nut Interview Part 1

PART 2: We get into some fun stuff! I ask P-Nut about the weirdest place he's been naked and the most absurd purchase he's ever made.

P-Nut Interview Part 2

PART 3: We talk about unexpected celebrity friendships and one of the most memorable moments in P-Nut's career.

P-Nut Interview Part 3

PART 4: We get into some fan questions. P-Nut shares his favorite song to play live and we get some secrets about the next 311 day in Las Vegas.

P-Nut Interview Part 4

PART 5: We wrap up by talking about names that were considered before the band became "311" and music that P-Nut is really into right now, and I finish with a special request. 

P-Nut Interview Part 4

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