The Four: Battle for Stardom - Week 3 Interviews

Each week, I've been talking to the newest contestants on The Four: Battle for Stardom. Check out my interviews with Cheyenne Elliott, Jason Warrior and Zhavia below!

In my first interview with Cheyenne, we talked about what it was like having Dionne Warwick as her grandmother and Whitney Houston as her cousin and how she chose her performance songs.

Cheyenne Elliott - HOT 95.7 Interview

This week Zhavia will have to defend her seat against challengers after not singing in Week 2 and being on vocal rest all this week. We talked about what is was like to watch all 3 of her contestant-partners get eliminated in Week 2 and how she has the ballsiest opinions on the set.

Zhavia - HOT 95.7 Interview

With Jason Warrior, we talked about what makes The Four different from other competitions and how he transitioned from John Legend to Imagine Dragons in his back to back performances.

Jason Warrior - HOT 95.7 Interview

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