The Four: Battle for Stardom - Week 4 Interviews

Each week, I've been talking to the newest contestants on The Four: Battle for Stardom. Check out my interviews with Jason Warrior, Rell Jerv, Tim Johnson Jr.  and Zhavia below.

Jason Warrior just got through his second week on The Four. We talk about a fiery exchange between Jason and another competitor, the unique things he does on Instagram Live, and one of his favorite (and very expensive) vocal remedies.

The Four - Week 4 - Jason Warrior

Rell Jerv is a rapper from Wilmington, Delaware who knocked out Cheyenne Elliott in Week 3. We talk about his decision to perform nothing but original music, his R&B roots, and what he'll do if he wins. 

The Four - Week 4 - Rell Jerv

Tim Johnson Jr. is an 18 year old from Philadelphia who opened with Al Green's "Lets Stay Together" and wowed the audience and the panel. We talk about his role in the Lion King musical, the importance of family and his biggest influences. 

The Four - Week 4 - Tim Johnson Jr.

Zhavia is the longest running competitor on The Four, having knocked out Elanese Lansen in Week 1. We talk about her first major challenge in The Four, how the overcame sickness to perform and the amazing things her fans send her. 

The Four - Week 4 - Zhavia

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