Sean Strife Talks To The Final Four

I've been talking to The Four every week since the beginning of Season 1, and it's my favorite singing competition on TV. Below are my conversations with Sharaya J, James Graham, Leah Jenea and Whitney Reign right after this season's comeback episode leading up to tonight's Season 2 Finale. The winner becomes iHeartRadio's next On The Verge Artist! 

I'll be Live Tweeting the finale tonight, follow me at @LifeOfStrife and HOT 95.7 @Hot957CR

Below, I ask Sharaya J what advice she has for young MC's trying to come up, and what she will change about her strategy since she'll be facing only singers in the finale. I also ask every finalist who they least want to face in the finale.

Sharaya J - The Four Interview

James and I discuss what he was thinking about during his emotional comeback performance and what it was like squaring off against his friend Jesse Kramer.

James Graham - The Four Interview

I told Leah that despite being only 17 years old, she sings like a woman with twice the life experience she has and asked her how she gets to a place where she can connect emotionally with songs about love and heartbreak. 

Leah Jenea - The Four Interview

Whitney and I discussed how she prepared to get back on The Four after losing her seat earlier in the season and her song selection, and I ask her who she least wants to face in the finale.

Whitney Reign - The Four Interview

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