Study Finds It Takes $24,000 Per Year to Be "Middle Class" in Detroit

A website called Smart Asset recently ranked the 100 Biggest Cities in the country as well as all 50 states in terms of the range of income required to be considered "middle class" in that location.

Fremont, California had the largest necessary income to be middle class. People making anywhere from $104,000 per year to $312,000 per year are all considered middle class in their findings.

Of all 100 cities in the study, Detroit was ranked at 99th, with an income range of $24,214 to $72,280 all falling into the "middle class" categorization. Cleveland, Ohio was the only city ranked below Detroit with annual earnings of $23,827 to $71,124 all being considered middle class.

The study also ranked all 50 states, and oddly when looking at the state of Michigan as a whole, annual earnings of $42K to $127K landed you in the middle class, meaning the middle class in Detroit makes far less than the rest of the state.

Read the full story at Smart Asset

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