The Britney Lifetime Movie Got DESTROYED By Fans

The Lifetime movie “Britney Ever After” was a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday night and within minutes of the film starting there were hundreds and hundreds of tweets slamming what they saw.

“Pulling your wisdom teeth with no drugs painful”, “abortion”, “train wreck”, “the worst thing I've ever seen” and “cinematic gold” were among the descriptions tweeted.

One person tweeted, "I thought Trump being president ist he worst thing to happen in 2017. I was wrong. #BritneyEverAfter #WeLoveYouBritney"

Many didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t any Britney Spears music in the biopic. Britney didn’t want anything to do with the biopic, so they couldn’t include her music.

Other people wanted to know how “Lifetime” found out Britney and Justin Timberlake had made a sex tape, which got stolen and then recovered without anyone ever leaking it.

Despite being two hours long, there was pretty much no mention of Britney's childhood, discovery or lead-up to her fame, with just as little attention given to her life post-meltdown.

Other GLARING mistakes: 

- Social media took notice real quick when Britney’s iconic 2001 American Music Awards denim dress turned into a denim jumpsuit. 

- They also took note as Britney’s hot-pink bobbed wig (from 2007, an infamously rough year in her life) became a purplish blue.

- The timeline was WAY off: Minutes after skipping ahead to 2008, Britney is married to childhood friend Jason Alexander — a real-life event that happened in 2004. When Kevin Federline appears, their romance is set to the soundtrack of Britney performing her 2002 cover I Love Rock 'n' Roll.

Sources: Daily Mail, E!

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