13 Lies You've Been Told About "The Bachelor"

“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” reality shows have been on the air for many years and show contestants trying to win one person’s heart. But the show’s drama is not entirely truthful. Here are 13 lies you’ve been told about “The Bachelor” franchise:

1. Contestants take more than just compatibility tests

Besides biography questions, potential contestants take STD tests before getting on, which makes sense given all the kissing that happens on the show. They also have to answer a 800-question psychiatric evaluation. This is partially done because of how stressful the process can be on contestants.

2. Things are recreated for the interviews

It’s common to have interviews with the contestants mixed in with things like the rose ceremony and dates. It gives us a look into how the contestants are feeling and what they were thinking at that moment. But this also means that they have to recreate things in order for it all to blend in.

3. Contestants get a makeover for the final episode

You might assume that the contestants are just thrown out there on their own, but they get professional help for the last episode. There are stylists on the show who pick out the cocktail dresses, jewelry, shoes, and more. Sometimes what they wear isn’t truly reflecting who the contestants are either.

4. Contestants have reportedly gone into debt to be on the show

Just because there are stylists doesn’t mean everything is taken care of for the contestants. All the clothes they wear up to the final decision are their own. This has led to some contestants splurging on clothes with their own money in order to look good on television. One show blogger revealed, “I know that there are women in the past who cashed out their 401(k)s for the show.” Former contestant Jillian Harris says she re-mortgaged her house and spent about $8,000 on clothing.5. Handlers shop for the contestants. Oftentimes reality shows keep participants in one setting in order to avoid spoilers getting leaked. This means they also avoid going out to run errands. So when contestants run out of makeup or something, they have to hand over their money to handlers and tell them what they want.

6. Contestants wear promotional items

Although the contestants typically do their own hair and makeup, there are perks. They get a gift bag full of cool products like bikinis, jewelry, beauty products, and more. This is usually because brands want their stuff seen on the show.

7. Some contestants are told to put on fake accents

Producers don’t just make sure to pick attractive people for the show, they also want them to sound a certain way. Former contestant Jillian Harris has a Canadian accent, and revealed that they wanted her to fake an accent and even gave her classes.

8. Contestants aren’t allowed to hang out with each otherIt may seem like the cast becomes close, but everyone is pretty isolated so nothing happens while the cameras aren’t on. When the cameras aren’t rolling, they don’t want contestants talking to each other. That means there are no phones, computers, or newspapers - only producers. One former contestant says, “Your body becomes starved for a connection with anyone, which makes it easier to fall in love.”

9. It’s an unwritten rule to not eat on camera

There are many dinner dates on the show, but chances are you only see the couples talking, not eating. This is on purpose. One former contestant explained, “You could eat—they don’t tell you not to—but you’re trying to have a conversation so shoving food down your face is hard. And it’s funny because they are your favorite meals because they know what you like.” She says she would eat while getting ready instead.

10. People aren’t allowed to go home until they give a reaction

Once someone doesn’t get a rose, you watch them being sad or angry in the limo ride home. However, this isn’t the natural reaction for everyone. One former contestant said, “I didn’t want to talk about anything, until I realized the ride was taking a lot longer than it should and these guys are just driving around until I say the right thing. I knew if I didn’t, we were just going to drive around all night.”

11. Contestants are told what words they can and cannot use

There might not be a script for the show, but that doesn’t mean anything goes either. The producers don’t allow certain words to be used. One former contestant said, “Any time you call it a process, they will make you retape it and say ‘journey.'”

12. The mansion is actually a family’s real home

The show doesn’t own that huge house, they rent it. There’s actually a family that lives there, and they move out when the show films, and then they move back in.

13. The hometown dates don’t always take place at contestant’s homes

Some contestants don’t let the cameras come into their home and instead use another location, like an uncle’s house or a rich grandfather’s house.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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