Ed Sheeran Admits Eminem Helped Cure His Stutter

In a recent interview, Ed Sheeran revealed how he considered himself a misfit and struggled with a stutter before getting into music.

When people started to notice his music, he almost stopped to work in a grocery store. Sheeran said,“I was bit of a weird kid. I had huge blue NHS specs, I had a huge port wine stain birthmark on my eye which has subsequently gone, and a really, really bad stutter."

A turning point came when an uncle bought him an album by Eminem. He said, “My parents didn’t know what the content of the album was. When you are nine and someone is saying rude stuff, you want to learn it. He raps at such a fast pace that my stutter would go, that was the speech therapy that cured me."

“I got to this point in 2010 when I was going round in circles. I thought I might as well go and work in a grocery store. The record companies said specifically ‘don’t use a loop pedal and don’t rap because no one wants to see a ginger, white guy rapping.’”

After flying to L.A. to do open mic nights, Sheeran was spotted by Jamie Foxx who let him use his recording studio. Ed returned to London with renewed confidence and soon had his first hit, “The A Team.”

Source: Daily Mail 

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