Taylor's New Album Inspires Conspiracy Theories

Taylor Swift's new album has already led to bizarre conspiracy theories include claims that Taylor's eerie marketing proves that she is a space-faring snake-mother, a clone of herself, and an insider in Pizzagate (an alleged child sex ring).

In the lead-up to the announcement of her album, Taylor posted a string of cryptic videos and images showing segments of a snake. The music video for Taylor's first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” also features snake imagery. 

Apparently, that’s all it takes to kick-start a string of crazy conspiracy theories.

One person posted, 'For weeks I've been saying Taylor swift gave birth to a reptilian baby then she tweets this? This isn't a coincidence... We haven't seen an actual picture of her for months now (due to the pregnancy). Reptiles are going mainstream, the end is near.'

Another person tweeted, 'Kim Kardashian is a well known lizard, and the snakes and lizards have been going at it for years. Trump is a snake and the Clintons are lizards (they were friends until recently).' 

Another conspiracy theorist said that the snake is Taylor’s occult god, and not a symbol of her demon-spawn child. He said, 'This woman is a representation of death,' and associated Taylor with the Illuminati.

Another person posted a 2009 photo of Taylor standing next to a man with a swastika on his shirt, and claimed she was 'our girl' due to her use of a Gothic font, favored by neo-Nazis. 

Another person wrote on Reddit: 'Is she already dead and replaced? Failure to comply, she wanted to keep her self, so they killed her and replaced her. This has been done before with Miley Cyrus as the notable example...'

Source: Daily Mail 

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