TJ Miller Arrested for Fake Bomb Threat

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Actor TJ Miller was arrested and charged with making a false bomb threat back on March 18th. 

The former "Silicon Valley" star called 911 that night to say he was on an Amtrak train heading from Washington, DC, to New York City and that a woman on the train, whom he described for authorities, "has a bomb in her bag." 

Amtrak officials stopped the train in Connecticut, passengers got off, and bomb squad members searched the train, finding no evidence of any explosives. An investigator then called Miller, who was in New York by this time, and he described the woman differently than he had initially; investigators also determined he had given the incorrect train number during his 911 call. The correct train was stopped and similarly found to contain no explosives.

TJ told authorities the woman kept looking in her bag but not removing anything, kept asking what the next stop was, and appeared to want to leave her bag on the train when she got off. But he was slurring his speech when he spoke to investigators, and said he'd had "one glass of red wine" that day. He insisted he was "worried for everyone on that train."

When authorities spoke to an attendant from Miller's car on the train, the attendant said Miller had actually had multiple drinks (and that he was wasted when he boarded) and was ultimately removed from the train due to intoxication, and that while on the train, the actor had some "hostile exchanges" with a woman in the same car. 

Authorities spoke to her and determined none of what TJ said about her was true; they say he made the false report due to a "grudge" against her.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. 

Source: WPTV

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