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WATCH: Pete Davidson Opens Up About Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson opened up about his relationship with Ariana Grande during an interview with Howard Stern yesterday (Monday). 

Pete said his relationship with the singer was all about timing. He had just broken up with Cazzie David around the same time Ariana had broken up with rapper Mac Miller.

The two first met when Ari hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2016. 

The two then reconnected this spring and became engaged over the summer. 

Pete also opened up about struggling with thoughts of suicide and his lifelong issues with mental illness.

Regarding his battle with Borderline Personality Disorder, he said, “It’s like flip flopping; it’s like fear abandonment; it makes sense."  He blames on his family being “genetically f***ed up.” Davidson also confessed that he was “always miserable” — especially when he was younger. 

“When I was nine I like tried to drown myself once.  I was in the pool and I was in the deep end and I tried to get my head stuck in the ladder, but my head was f***ing too big. It made me feel even worse. Like I can’t f***ing fit in there.”

Davidson said his family is what ultimately stopped him from ever going through with the irreversible decision to end his life.

“I don’t think I’d be able to let my mom live with that — not even my sister,” he said, adding, “As f***ed up as that sounds, it really was just mom…I ruined that lady’s life until I was like 18.”

Source: E!, RadarOnline

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