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Monica Lewinsky Admits Contemplating Suicide

Former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky has a new A&E series called "The Clinton Affair”, and in it, she opens up about so much stuff relating back to her 1990s scandal LIKE how former President Bill Clinton first wooed her, how they managed to be so sneaky, and the moment she finally noticed the infamous stain on her dress.  

She said she didn’t see it until she took the dress out for Thanksgiving. She tried it on for her friend Linda Tripp (remember that name?!), who told her the dress made her look fat.  Monica thought it might be a stain from spinach dip at first. When the two women figured out that it was the President’s semen on the Gap denim dress, Linda encouraged her to keep it.  

Ahead of the A & E show’s premiere, Vanity Fair has published an article by Monica which addresses the scandal more in depth.  She writes about that lack of an apology from Mr. Clinton, something she says she doesn’t feel like she’s owed, but she does feel like Clinton should WANT to apologize for the demonization of her that he created. 

She writes, ”He would be a better man for it . . . and we, in turn, a better society."

She also says in that same Vanity Fair article that if she were to see Hillary Clinton in person today: “I know that I would summon up whatever force I needed to again acknowledge to her — sincerely — how very sorry I am."

FTR: She DID apologize to both Hilary and Chelsea during the interview she did with Barbara Walters in March of 1999.

But perhaps he BIGGEST bombshell from Monica’s A&E docuseries is this: An admission that she contemplated suicide as this was all transpiring.  

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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