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"The Office" Cast Reunites on "SNL" To Beg Steve Carell For a Reboot

Die-hard "Office" fans are still holding onto hope that someday, there will be a reboot.

Four former cast members of “The Office"—Jenna Fischer, Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, and Steve's wife Nancy — crashed his "SNL" monologue this weekend to beg that he reconsider a revival (he's said in the past that he's apprehensive).

Regarding the reboot idea, Steve said, “It was a great experience, I love all of those people, but I don’t think it’s the best idea. I think we should just leave it alone.” He reiterated that he didn’t think a reboot would be “as good” as the original and that he didn’t think it was a good idea — even when Kemper told him she “needed that money.”

Ed Helms added, “I don’t think you realize how much money. You wouldn’t have to do those sad movies anymore.”

Jenna Fischer asked him if he remembered the “last words Pam secretly whispered to Michael on “The Office.” “She said, ‘Steve don’t be a di*k, do the reboot. Let’s just do the damn thing!”

And Carell’s wife, Nancy Carell, who appeared on “The Office,” and children were also in the audience, and they also said they wanted him to do the show. She told him, “We don’t really need you to hang around anymore. We’re good."

Steven then asked the audience if a reboot was what they really wanted, and of course that drew loud applause, but he didn’t have an actual announcement of one to make. 

Source: The Daily Mail, Mashable

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