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R. Kelly Can't Afford His Bail

A Chicago grand jury indicted R. Kelly for the alleged sexual abuse of several underage girls over a 12-year period from 1998 to 2010.

R. Kelly has been hit with TEN felonies involving four victims, three of them were between the ages of 13 and 16 at the time they had sexual contact with Kelly.

According to the state’s attorney, his DNA (semen) was found on shirts worn by two of the four accusers.

Since he’s been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, R. Kelly could face a maximum of seven years in prison on each count.

R. Kelly turned himself in and was placed in jail on a one million dollar bond. He hasn’t been able to post the bail, which is $100,000.

R. Kelly’s attorney said his client "really doesn't have any money at this point" due to "mismanagement," "hangers-on" and "bad deals." He added Kelly would ultimately be able to come up with the required $100,000. 

”He's trying to get it together. He doesn't have it sitting in the bank."

So that means he is still in jail as of this morning. And his money problems don't stop with his bail.

According to court documents reviewed by CNN, R. Kelly owed almost $200,000 in unpaid child support to his ex-wife as of February 6th.

He also might be evicted from his Chicago studio last month because he owes more than $166,000 in unpaid rent.

A grand jury had convened about a week ago to investigate the alleged sex tape attorney Michael Avenatti handed over to authorities. The tape was a big reason for the charges.

Avenatti says he uncovered the VHS tape after his clients alleged Kelly had been having sex with minors for years. The tape reportedly shows Kelly having sex with a girl who authorities believe is 14 since both Kelly and the girl referred to her body parts as being 14 years old.

Avenatti says he represents at least 1 of the alleged victims in the R. Kelly indictment, and he reps a total of 2 victims, 2 parents and 2 whistleblowers who were part of the singer's inner circle.

Sources: TMZ, CNN, Jezebel, Smoking Gun

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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