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Anna Faris' Entire Family Hospitalized on Vacation

Sleighin’ the Holidays with Barefoot - Monday

Anna Faris says she and her family are very fortunate to be alive.

The actress and her family had rented out a house in North Lake Tahoe for the holiday season. Turns out, that house, almost KILLED them.

Anna and 12 of her family members were saved by first responders after getting carbon monoxide poisoning.

The fire department said all of the family members got sick shortly after arriving at the rental home. They didn’t think much of it, passing it off as altitude sickness.

As people starting feeling worse, two of the family members ended up going to the hospital. That was a life-saving decision.

Immediately, hospital staff figured out it was carbon monoxide poisoning and called the fire department. They raced to save the remaining 11 ill family members, who ranged from three to 70 years old.

Two more of the patients were taken to hospital for further treatment and the remaining nine were treated at the scene.

The Fire Protection District said the home had an indoor carbon monoxide level of 55 parts per million, even with windows and doors open for ventilation. For reference, the maximum recommended indoor level of carbon monoxide is 9 parts per million. 

Source: Daily Mail.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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