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Harvey Weinstein Trial Halted As Witness Suffers Panic Attack

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Harvey Weinstein's rape trial was adjourned yesterday (Monday) after accuser Jessica Mann suffered a panic attack while being hammered by questions from Weinstein's lawyer. 

The former aspiring actress broke down in tears on the stand, sobbing uncontrollably while she was grilled as to why she kept in contact with Weinstein even though he allegedly assaulted her on three occasions in 2013 into possibly early 2014. 

During her testimony, Jessica also admitted that she was “manipulative” towards the movie mogul and claimed that he introduced her to his daughter the day after he allegedly raped her.

She was asked about what she described as his "deformed anatomy" (She said he had no testicles, and his private area looked looked more like a vagina. When pressed about his personal hygiene, she said he smelled absolutely terrible, like "poop.")

At the end of day she had a panic attack when revealing she was sexually assaulted when she was younger; the trial was adjourned.

Source: The Daily Mail.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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