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Rihanna Apologizes For Using Islamic Scriptures During Fenty Fashion Show

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Rihanna is apologizing to Muslims this morning, after being criticized for using a song sampling Islamic scripture during her recent Savage X Fenty fashion show.

After the show aired, people called her and her brand out for using the song "Doom" by Coucou Chloe, for including a remixed verse from hadith, "a narrative record of the sayings or customs of the prophet Muhammad and his companions." 

The text is considered sacred, which means she was using a sacred text for a commercial aesthetic.

Coucou Chloe explained that the song used samples found online and hadn't researched. Savage X Fenty's account also responded revealing that the show was being edited to replace the song with something else. 

Rihanna addressed it explaining it was never her intention.

She said,"I obviously had no clue! I just hope people don't think I did this on purpose or to be offensive or anything like that! Cause you know I would NEVER!!

She claims it was an "honest, yet careless mistake".

Source: Instagram, OhNoTheyDidn't.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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