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WATCH: TikTok Star Bryce Hall Brawls at LA Restaurant

TikTok star Bryce Hall and his crew were involved in a brawl at a Mexican restaurant in L.A.

Here's what happened: A server told Bryce and his crew to stop vaping. (It's illegal to vape at restaurants in L.A.)

Bryce and his crew refused to quit, and Bryce allegedly blew smoke in a staffer's face when asked to stop.

Sources tell us they were asked to leave and given the check. When their server went inside to run Bryce's credit card, the brawl started.

Apparently, it was Bryce and his crew who jumped an employee, with Bryce throwing the first punch and continuing to brawl until other staffers broke it up.

Bryce alleges the manager grabbed him and tried to drag him away, sparking the bigger all out brawl.He claims he only put the guy in a head lock while defending one of his friends. In the end, Bryce says the manager kicked him in the nuts.

One employee claims to have suffered a potentially broken hand and bruised face in the scuffle and named Bryce as his attacker in a police report. The employee does want to press charges.

Bryce claims he has witnesses and video to back up his version of events.

Source: TMZ.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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