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Kanye West on "The Joe Rogan Experience" Podcast


Kanye West opened up about his life and presidential plans during an appearance on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

In the nearly three-hour episode,Kanye said his renewed Christian faith and current run for president were inspired by God.

He said, “It was something that God put in my heart back in 2015. A few days before the MTV awards it hit me in the shower. When I first thought of it, I just started laughing to myself and all this joy came over my body, through my soul.”

He admitted that famous friends and colleagues either thought he was joking and tried to convince him NOT to kick off his campaign.

Kanye said he believes his creativity and goal-setting personality makes him a strong contender compared to President Trump and Joe Biden.

If he doesn't win, Kanye’s open to running for governor of California. He said he plans to run again in 2024: “I'm definitely 100% winning in 2024.I was thinking I would possibly be the Democrat.”


Regarding the music business, he said, “I’m not at war with the music industry. I’m just saying we need to innovate. When I posted my contracts, I had ten contracts that kept putting me inside a labyrinth and things we don’t need.

“Prince would say we don’t need the distribution part.I’m the kind of person where I’m not trying to eliminate anyone’s job. There’s a way both parties can be happy. These deals can be flipped in a way that they’re just more fair.”

Kanye said his father had told him the music industry was a bad business, and found that perspective to be true.

“Everyone’s a part of it, everyone’s responsible, everyone’s a part of the problem,”he said.“The contracts are made to rape the artists. This is a negative thought I’m putting into the universe — butI thought about Bruce and Brandon Lee. This is Sony and Universal and I’m willing to put the blue paint on my face and go out and do this because it’s the right thing to do.

“Michael Jackson, Prince, all of these things have crossed my mind as I’m saying I need to innovate what these contracts are, it’s not about me getting my masters back, it’s about freedom.”

“At this point music loses me money. Of my $5 billion net worth, music is negative $4 million.”

Joe Rogan made several efforts to keep Kanye focused on topics, including flattering West about his thought processes, saying that people claimed he was ranting but Rogan said he was thinking thoroughly.

Kanye replied, “When I talk, it’s not a rant. It’s a symphony of ideas. I just tell the truth and telling the truth is crazy in a world full of lies.”

Source: Variety, FOX News.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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