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Offset's Arrest: Was It Just a Media Stunt?

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What happened between Offset, Cardi B, her cousin and the police differs depending on who you ask. 

Some say that what Cardi and Offset do is almost never by accident... it's very calculated.

Offset was apprehended by the authorities while he was in the middle of an Instagram Livestream, and reporters described it as a “shrewd move.” 

Police told reporters that they were called to the scene over reports of a man waving a gun at Trump supporters.

However, Offset’s stepdad says the story isn’t entirely truthful. He claims the “Trump supporters attacked his car.”

According to the New York Post, some people believe Cardi B and Offset are merely excellent media manipulators. They know how to create narratives that are good for their career and keeping them in the spotlight.

A hip-hop producer claimed she wanted to hate Cardi B but winds up loving her, more importantly, she claimed everything Cardi and Offset do is merely a “media stunt.” 

Offset grew up in a middle-class suburban home near Atlanta. He talks “street” in interviews, his step-father, claims Offset doesn’t talk like that when he comes home. 

His stepdad said it’s “part of the career narrative, being from the streets.”

Source: Page Six.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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