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LISTEN: Taylor Swift Teases "Love Story" Re-Record in Ad!

Taylor Swift is teasing her first RE-recorded song in a hilarious new commercial for, produced by Ryan Reynolds.

In it, you’ll see the Devil meeting a girl named 2020 - it’s a match made in hell (get it) - and you’ll HEAR Taylor’s redo of her song “Love Story.”

It's the first time fans are getting to hear what Taylor's re-recorded masters sound like.

Taylor said Ryan asked to use a snippet of her new “Love Story” in the ad and it was the perfect opportunity to give fans a sneak peak.

And fans already spotted one of her famous Easter eggs in the video:In one scene, there's a scooter next to a trash can with the number 6 spray-painted on a wall.

Fans think it signifies Scooter Braun and the 6 albums Taylor is re-recording.

Source: The Wrap, TMZ.

Photo Credit: Getty Images via iHeart Media.

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