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Netflix Fans Are Confused After Elliott Page's Trans Announcement

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Confused fans of the Netflix show “The Umbrella Academy” are questioning why Elliott Page will continue playing a female character despite coming out as trans.

Elliott, formerly Ellen, announced on Tuesday that he was transgender and that his pronouns are “he and they”.

He will continue to play his role as Vanya Hargreaves, a cisgender lesbian, in “The Umbrella Academy.”

Fans took to social media very confused, with some calling it unfair because cisgender actors have been slammed in the past for even considering transgender roles.

One person wrote: "I guess we forgot about the “actors should only play characters of their characters, sexuality, race, etc?”

Another: “So is Vanya gonna be a man, or is Elliott going to be a woman to play Vanya? I’m not transphobic, I’m just genuinely confused.”

And another: "Vanya isn't trans though, is she?!"

Source: The Daily Mail.

Photo Credit: Getty Images via iHeart Media.

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